Marcelo Ferreira
Informatics and Computing Engineering student


My name is Marcelo and I am 22 years old. I'm currently studying Informatics and Computers Engineering at Faculty of Engineering at the University of Porto, in the 5th year of an Integrated Master.
I always loved math and technology, then notice that I can build something that other people can use, made me an enthusiastic programmer. During my course, I worked on different areas of expertise and the ones that I most enjoy was: artificial intelligence, web, mobile and object-oriented programming.



This project arises as a small and simple project proposed on a workshop that I gave along with Guilherme Pinto about Javascript. This was a game that a few years ago was in demand. It is a simple game but a little addictive, so I took the opportunity and since I already had the base of it, I decided to improve it.

Project Management

This was a project for Database and Web Applications Lab subject. This was a project for Database and Web Applications Lab subject. It consists on a website which allows the management of a project. And how it works? You can add tasks and assign someone, you can import files, links to be at hand. On the tasks, you can leave comments.

We eat

This was a project for Distributed Systems subject. It consists on a mobile app for Android, which allows the user to look for persons nearby to have lunch, instead of going alone. This app uses google maps in order to allow to see the events for lunch that already are created and if you don't like it you can create your own.